two-faced (adjective)

1: double-dealing, false

2: having two faces

Example of two-faced in a sentence: Jon Tester is just another two-faced politician that says one thing, but does another.


After nearly two decades in Washington, Jon Tester has changed. From lining up at the trough for lobbyist cash to steering our tax dollars to the insiders who fund his campaigns to running a revolving door of lobbyists joining his staff, Jon Tester has become everything that’s wrong with Washington. 

Jon Tester claims to be a champion of the middle class, but he voted against middle class tax cuts that would save the average Montana family $1,400 dollars per year while voting to give massive tax breaks to millionaires in California and New York. (Associated Press, 6/23/23; H.R. 1, 12/2/17; Tax Foundation, accessed 2/20/24; S.J. Res. 50, 10/23/19; Roll Call, 8/2/19; Joint Committee on Taxation, 6/24/19; Wall Street Journal, 10/29/21)

After nearly 20 years in Washington DC, Jon Tester has become just another big spender. He’s voted to raise the debt ceiling 14 times and backed Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar spending plan that led to the record high inflation that crushed Montana families. (Associated Press, 11/20/23; Congressional Research Service, updated 11/14/23: H.R. 1892, 2/9/18; H.R. 601, 9/7/17; H.R. 1314, 10/30/15; S. 540, 2/12/14; H.R. 2775, 10/16/13; H.R. 325, 1/31/13; S. 365, 8/2/11; H.R. 3746, 6/1/23; H.J. Res. 45, CQ Summary, 1/28/10; H.R. 4314, CQ Summary, 12/24/09; H.R. 1, CQ Summary, 2/13/09; H.R. 3221, CQ Summary, 7/26/08; S.J. Res 33, CQ Summary, 12/14/21; S. 1310, CQ Summary, 10/7/21; H.R. 1319, 3/6/21; New York Times, 10/18/21;  The Washington Post, 10/9/22; NBC Montana, 2/10/22; Parents, 10/28/22)

When Jon Tester ran for Senate, he took an ethics pledge saying he would disclose all meetings between his office and lobbyists, but recent news reports found Tester broke his ethics pledge by hiding meetings with lobbyists, even letting them write his bills. (CNN, 9/13/23, NBC, 9/22/23, Politico, 7/19/23, Politico, 5/7/23 )

“‘Lobbyists are among Tester’s strongest allies,’ said OpenSecrets research director Sarah Bryner.” (Bloomberg, 2/20/24)

Tester got caught steering billions in taxpayer funds to companies whose lobbyists and executives bankroll his campaigns. (AP, 6/23/23)

Jon Tester’s campaign was caught taking money from registered agents of foreign governments. (AP, 9/10/18, NBC, 9/22/23)

Jon Tester promised to change Washington’s culture of corruption, but Tester took more lobbyist cash than any other Senator and was even caught pushing lobbyist talking points during a hearing. (AP, 9/10/18, NBC, 9/22/23)

Jon Tester is a millionaire, but still voted for government subsidies that paid his family business over half a million dollars. (Fox News, 7/7/23)

Despite branding himself as an Ethics Crusader in the Senate, Jon Tester has refused to return tens of thousands of dollars he received from his colleague Bob Menendez, who was caught taking bribes in cash and gold bars. (Business Insider, 9/30/23, The Guardian, 10/1/23)